metamusic aims to develop interactive sound installations and electronic instruments for animals held in captivity. The project's target is to improve the animals’ quality of life, by designing an interactive musical environment that takes the specific needs and skills of the animals into consideration. metamusic, developed by the artists' group alien productions in collaboration with the zoologists and animal keepers of the ARGE Papageienschutz, centers its attention on grey parrots.

Video metamusic 2012-2017

The video is a ramble through the various stages of metamusic, featuring our parrot musicians at:



also featuring the human guest musicians


The video was presented at mp 1968/2017. 50 x stolen goods and finds - anniversary exhibition Diese Wildnis hat Kultur 50 x steirischer herbst, GrazMuseum, Sep 23 2017 - Jan 8 2018

The project metamusic is accompanied since 2012 by Susanna Niedermayr for Ö1 Zeit-Ton. Listen on Soundcloud

musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst 2013

The first public presentation of the project, starring five grey parrots.

Phase II: Kittenberger, CYNETART, ARTE Creative Commision 2014

One-month public lab with parrots, presentation at CYNETART Dresden, award by ARTE Creative Commision.

Höhenrausch 2015

Main project of Höhenrausch 2015, organized by OÖ Kulturquartier in Linz. Large scale installation featuring 20 parrots, open for five months.

PEEK 2016 - 2019

metamusic is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) programme for Arts-based Research (PEEK). A three-years collaboration of alien productions, the University of Art and Design Linz (Interface Culture Programme) and ARGE Papageienschutz.
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