metamusic Radio Features by Susanna Niedermayr

Wie alles begann | How It All Started

9. Jan 2013

Quite recently, the artist group Alien Productions started an extremely fascinating project that will be presented at musikprotokoll 2013.
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Papageien im musikprotokoll | Parrots at the musikprotokoll

27. Feb 2013

In my second progress report about metamusic, we want to go behind the scenes and find out how it all started.
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The Making of metamusic

26. Sep 2013

Neue Instrumente und Erkenntnisse

22. Okt 2014

Die Papageien im Höhenrausch | Parrots at the Höhenrausch

Mai 2015

Rückblick auf den Höhenrausch | Höhenrausch Resume

Oktober 2015